Designed for the changing needs of the occupants, friends & family

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Building tomorrow's home today

Our aim is to build homes to meet the needs of young families with kids, people with sporting or traumatic injuries, assist the ageing community and to cater for people or families with disabilities. The key to a Livable Housing Design is to build homes that meet the ever-changing needs of the occupants across their lifetime.

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Key living spaces adapted to meet your needs

Adaptable Living Homes follows the Livable Housing Australia guidelines and is bolstered by the National Disability Insurance (NDIS) market of housing.

These guidelines are about making homes easier to access, navigate and live in. By doing this as part of the building process we are providing a more cost-effective way to adapt to changes in life and make it easier to change your home to suit, as opposed to changing afterwards which can be a very costly experience.

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